By Susan Abram

Stories from here and there…

When Porter Ranch was born, huge gas wells weren’t part of the conversation

I searched through three boxes of environmental impact reports written in the 1970s and on, to find out if natural gas tanks were mentioned in all the plans to create … Continue reading

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Mountain lion wandering high school, front yards, captured and released

It’s tough being a print reporter when a mountain lion wanders from the nearby Santa Susana mountains into a suburban neighborhood. We have no helicopters, no news vans, and we’re … Continue reading

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The 100,000 who marched for justice

Exactly one year ago on April 24, 2015, I walked with tens of thousands of marchers down Sunset Boulevard and a little later on, met them six miles away in … Continue reading

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Evil weevils try to live good life in Cali

I love reading about marine life. Yet I seem to write more about bugs, especially those that carry disease, destroy trees, or in some cases, help prevent illness.  The root … Continue reading

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Gas leak poses greatest public health risk in Los Angeles history

Natural gas leaks are common, but the one still occurring in Porter Ranch may become a public health disaster because of how large it is and for the length of … Continue reading

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5 years after Mitrice Richardson’s remains were found in Malibu her death still raises questions

Like most people, I was haunted by Mitrice Richardson’s death because I was troubled by the way she was treated by deputies at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Here was … Continue reading

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On Hollywood Boulevard, unruly characters get cut from scene

  I’ve written many stories about the costumed characters that walk Hollywood Boulevard and ask tourists for tips. It’s a fun story, but the characters can get unruly. Here’s my … Continue reading

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