By Susan Abram

Stories from here and there…

How an LA County oak tree rooted in controversy, survived

I visit the Santa Clarita Valley from time to time where I was once a reporter covering city hall. It is a fascinating area filled with stories. It’s both dense … Continue reading

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The story of genocide carved in stone

I grew up within a mostly Armenian American community, where the stories of the genocide were retold and never forgotten. My grandmother too, survived this time. The Assyrians called it … Continue reading

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Annual polar bear swim offers brisk beginning to New Year

If for any anything else, I was able to get the word “shrinkage” passed the editors. From my story, (Daily News, Jan. 1, 2011). The question most asked of those … Continue reading

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LA Mayor Eric Garcetti counting on new HOPE program to help the homeless

  Earlier this year I was invited to go on a ride along with LA City Mayor Eric Garcetti to see how a program to help the homeless in the … Continue reading

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Crackdown on Skid Row drug dealing won’t stop ‘evil people’ who sell

A story broke out on LA’s  Skid Row this year that I never heard of. A drug called Spice, which is synthetic marijuana, sickened dozens of people all in one … Continue reading

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Sex trafficking survivor helps others identify victims

I’ve seen the evolution of how we’re starting to re-examine our views on prostitution, now known as sex trafficking.  There’s no such thing as a child prostitute,  advocates say and … Continue reading

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Mom pushes for lower speed limit after son’s death

Sometimes as reporters, we need to slow down and listen to someone’s story. It’s more difficult to do these days. Just a few years ago, a reporter had time to … Continue reading

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