Highway surgeons of the 405

In Los Angeles, the San Diego (405) Freeway is a major transit artery of misery,  clogged with 300,000 motorists  plodding their way to and from the San Fernando Valley and L.A.’s Westside almost each day.  But a  major expansion project that includes the Sepulveda Pass will help alleviate some of the pain, Metro officials say. And most of the work is being done at night or early in the morning.  My first  LA@Night story focused on how the work will be done for the next three years.  From my story:

The highway surgeons of the Sepulveda Pass lace up their boots, pull on gloves, adjust their hard hats and fasten their safety goggles, then get to work just as most Angelenos are crawling into bed.

On a recent late night, towering spotlights parked alongside the 405 Freeway illuminated the fog-shrouded hillsides where a growling backhoe chewed through mounds of dirt, creating a new freeway lane one bite at a time.

“We’ve got to be careful, and watch out for everything and everyone, because this is the time of night when drunk drivers like to crash into us,” said Robert Stormo, a safety manager who works from sunset ’til sunrise.

 Here’s the full story I wrote (Daily News,  June, 2010).


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