*Hello 2013, Good-bye Motorola Razr v3 (2006-2012)


I gave up my Motorola Razr v3 last weekend.  The battery kept falling out, the screen had gone blank, and the dial pad barely worked. I know I looked like a fool carrying that old flip phone around, but I had held on to it after my employer told us we getting smart phones. Instead, our wages were cut by 5.5 percent and we’ve had no raises since 2008.  That’s the reality of newspaper journalism for many of us. So in defiance of all the broken promises , I decided to hang on to my Motorola Razr v3 that I bought in 2006.  I received a lot of support from reporters who understood that a new phone meant expensive data plans without reimbursement from our employers.   The old Motorola had been a good companion through protests, fires, hikes through the Santa Monica Mountains and while kayaking down the L.A. River. It was sturdy and light weight and took decent photos if needed.  Below are some photographs I took at news events I covered this year. For the record,  it troubles me that real news reporters  make such steep sacrifices to uphold the freedom of information.  Anyway. I’m done spewing. So long 2012.  Welcome 2013.  *(Update: My employers were kind enough to work out a deal with me and staff after this post ran. Many of us have received new phones and equipment.  I’m grateful to them for listening.).

101412_10261 (1)

Space shuttle Endeavour as it creeps along Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard (October, 2012)

040912_17162 (1)

Protesters demonstrate in downtown Los Angeles in support of  Trayvon Martin (April , 2012).

082612_13161 (1)

A protester at a pro-women’s rights rally on Hollywood Boulevard (August, 2012).


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