Taxi Dance Halls in New York/Connecticut

One of my favorite stories I worked on was in Stamford, Conn. A lady called me in the newsroom complaining that husbands were frequenting certain restaurants in the city. These restaurants close down at 11 p.m., only to open again as $2 a dance clubs. The clubs served mostly area day laborers who wanted to... Continue Reading →

Showing prostitutes a way off the streets

As a general assignment reporter who covers the San Fernando Valley, my main beats seem to be  porn, pot, and prostitution.  But there are many good people who sort of emerge from these beats, those who are trying to make a difference.  The Mary Magdalene Project is  a nonprofit organization that helps older prostitutes leave "the... Continue Reading →

Sex tourism or innocent site about dating?

We received a tip to the newsroom about a Cal State University, Northridge professor who was running a sex tourism website.  I followed the tip, and found that it was quite a yarn that included international businessmen who were threatening the professor with violence if he didn't take his website down.   The professor,  known online as BigBabyKenny, was... Continue Reading →

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